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    The February Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    Rapport spécial : Technologie à panneau plat
    The general radiography industry is moving away from direct panels.
    Parole ce qui ?
    Dialogue on the changing face of physician dictation and transcription solutions
    Santé IL mise à jour avec le H. Stephen Lieber
    ICD-10, meaningful use and baby barcodes

    Rapport spécial : Se lever de DR
    DR systems now outsell traditional X-ray systems, a new report says.
    PACS prévu : partiellement nuageux
    February's Industry Sector Report on PACS

    Columns & Sections

    Dr. Willem Kolff: The 'Father of Artificial Organs'

    This Month in Medical History
    Prolific Dutch medical inventer Kolff pioneered hemodialysis.

    Griggs Conical Electro Medical Machine

    Medical Museum - February 2012

    Letter from the Online Editor: February 2012

    It's not all doom and gloom

    Letter from the Editor: February 2012

    I might stand corrected