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The June Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Les décès soudaines de jeunes athlètes remplissent de combustible la discussion de criblage de coeur
Should all young athletes be screened for rare but potentially fatal heart conditions?
AAMI avance son message au monde de santé
An exclusive interview with the association's president and CEO.
Nanomedicine : Nouvelles marquantes sur une échelle microscopique
Nanomedicine may be the next frontier in health care.

Ultrasons au moment où le soin : qui est responsable ?
Ultrasound becomes a flashpoint in the long-simmering turf war between radiologists and non-radiologists.
Kinecting avec les morts
Microsoft's motion-sensing game controller helps doctors perform virtual autopsies.
SNM : Cette année, la société a la cause pour la célébration
Dr. Dominique Delbeke, the 2010-2011 president, shared some information about the latest from SNM.

Rapport spécial : Le SPECT est-il chaîne d'approvisionnements au point d'arrêt ?
Shortages in radioisotopes have increased the strain on the nuclear medicine community.
Mise à jour d'industrie de test d'effort : L'assureur qui a nié des tests d'effort a violé la loi d'état
An update on an investigation of BCBS of Delaware's denials of cardiac stress tests.

Médecine nucléaire - le plus en retard du champ
A yearly round-up of the top topics in nuclear medicine imaging.


Healthcare Chronicles

Provider Credentialing: Learn now or pay later
Real-time credentialing is the first line of defense in protecting your hospital's reputation.

Money Health

Making your next purchase a profitable one
Thomas Vorpahl looks at how to make wise purchasing decisions.