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Rad Oncology

KT Corporation and Samsung Medical center to construct 5G smart hospital
Developed a 5G-powered network to provide medical services
Rapid diagnosis centers cut waiting time and costs in cancer diagnosis
Benefits patients with non-specific cancer symptoms
UPenn researchers perform proton flash therapy in clinical setting for first time
Demonstrates that existing accelerators can administer flash treatment
Cancer mortality falls by 29 percent over nearly three decades
Driven by long-term drops in lung, colorectal, breast and prostate cancer
Researchers look at 1,500 outcomes to confirm benefits of proton over radiation therapy
First large review of data across several different forms of cancer
IBA sells part of dosimetry business for over $14 million
Deal involved sale of RadioMed Corporation to IZI Medical
ViewRay teams with Elekta and Medtronic on MR-guided radiation therapy
Both Elekta and Medtronic will invest in ViewRay
Brachytherapy could make skin cancer treatment faster and easier
Administered in six weekly, three-minute sessions
One in three adults does not fully understand cancer treatment side effects
New survey illustrates need for greater communication
Hitachi and Mayo Clinic to build first carbon ion treatment facility in US
Developing 'extensive scientific research and working toward obtaining FDA approval'
What can whole-body MR mean for staging cancer more efficiently?
Q&A with Stuart Taylor, researcher and professor of medical imaging at University College London
Studies show potential of proton therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
Extension of overall survival, identification of predictors of RILD
Cancer Research UK to create global hub for radiotherapy
Putting £56 million toward AI and advanced techniques such as FLASH therapy
New algorithm identifies patients in need of end-of-life discussions
Patients less likely to bring up discussions unless prompted
Elderly glioblastoma patients may benefit from same radiotherapy treatment as young ones
The intensive Stupp protocol shows promise in new research
Radiotherapy following surgery may be unneeded for prostate cancer
Five-year follow-up study finds it makes no difference in disease recurrence

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