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New animation highlights TechGate Automated Caution Barrier for MR safety

The TechGate Auto - MRI Caution Barrier solution from Aegys provides superior MR room access warning that doesn't require manual deployment by staff.

KT Corporation and Samsung Medical center to construct 5G smart hospital
Developed a 5G-powered network to provide medical services
Chuck and Gena Norris dismiss lawsuit against gadolinium makers
Had alleged contrast agents made Gena ill
MR procedure volumes in the US reached all-time high in 2019
IMV survey finds that usage jumped 8 percent over previous year to 42 million
Fujifilm in talks to acquire Hitachi's medical imaging business
Would enable it to compete with larger players in the market
AI software leads to faster and more consistent cardiac MR
One Click from HeartVista aims to democratize MR imaging
ViewRay teams with Elekta and Medtronic on MR-guided radiation therapy
Both Elekta and Medtronic will invest in ViewRay
Audit of VA uncovers over 100,000 canceled and delayed imaging orders
Due to backlogs and mismanagement of guidelines
Top takeaways from RSNA 2019: The human side of imaging
Taking the pulse of the medical imaging community with seven trends
United Imaging debuts world’s first ultra-wide 75-cm bore MR at RSNA
Designed for obese and claustrophobic patients, with table capacity of 680 lbs
Will focused ultrasound play a critical role in treating Alzheimer's disease?
Crossing the blood brain barrier to deliver effective therapy at RSNA
Hyperfine operates portable MR scanner on RSNA show floor
Unique .064 T system requires no shielding and could benefit fragile patients at the beside
Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against ProScan Imaging
Dismissal follows withdrawal of the suit by the former employees who filed it
7T MR yields more insights on evolution of MS
Study finds greater visualization of brain inflammation
New diagnostic frontiers for MR imaging
Promising results for imaging new indications, and the new capabilities of 7-Tesla systems

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