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MR reimbursement decline surpasses all other imaging modalities
Decrease in Medicare payments took place between 2007 and 2019
Why practices with RamSoft's cloud-based RIS/PACS don't have to worry about changing times

COVID 19 or not, RamSoft's cloud-based RIS/PACS can help future-proof your healthcare practice. Here's how.

Private radiologists struggling to stay afloat amid COVID-19
Seeing 40% – 90% decreases in examination volumes
What are SPIONs and could they be the key to low-cost MR scans?
Amplify magnetic field of low-field MR scanners by 3,000 times
US imaging volumes plummet 55% amid COVID-19 pandemic
New study confirms imaging volume losses of 50% – 70% at healthcare facilities
As cancer imaging ramps up in academic settings, local US communities lack access
First analysis to use national claims database to quantify oncologic diagnostic imaging examinations
Prostate MR and biopsy quality varies by institution, says study
Requires robust communication between radiologist and urologist
Siemens to offer Glassbeam's Clinsights Service Analytics module
Helps manage large multi-vendor fleets of imaging equipment
Canon gets clearance for iterative reconstruction tech with 1.5T MR system
Compressed SPEEDER for Vantage Orian can reduce scan time by factor of 2.5
PA House committee approves bill for coverage of dense breast MR and ultrasound exams
Would require insurers to include coverage in their plans
Finnish researchers designing mobile MR unit that could fit in a van
Will not require specially trained healthcare personnel to operate it
Fujifilm acquisition of Hitachi diagnostic imaging business delayed by COVID-19
$1.63 billion deal will boost Fujifilm against other imaging OEMs
Gadolinium for MR turning toxic and polluting rivers, say researchers
Requires new public policy and removal technologies
United Imaging gets clearance for ultra wide 75-cm bore MR scanner
The uMR OMEGA is designed for obese and claustrophobic patients
Imaging volumes across patient settings and imaging modalities on steep decline
Scans decreased by 28% at Northwell Health in New York over 7-week period
US intervenes in false claims suit against radiologist and imaging practice
Accused of submitting claims for unsupervised procedures
New research provides a sobering reality check to AI optimists
Study finds that AI can alter data and lead to major errors in images that affect diagnosis

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