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The August Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

The advantages of third-party service in a COVID-19 world
The coronavirus pandemic has made the cost-saving benefits of an independent service organization clearer than ever
Scanning the CT tube technology and service marketplace
Like all X-ray equipment, your CT scanner is useless without the right tube
Are you prepared for a major medical equipment moving job?
Installing and de-installing capital equipment is a collaborative operation, here's how your facility can get prepared

How the coronavirus has impacted OEM service
Nobody knows your equipment as well as the manufacturer, get to know the latest offers and trends shaping OEM maintenance contracts


Cost Containment Corner

The case for CMGs as opposed to employing physicians directly
Understanding the benefits of contract management groups in healthcare settings

Future Of...

Future of medical equipment maintenance
Insights from Rick Joslin, senior advisor of healthcare strategy at Accruent

HTM Perspectives

HTM chem tales: Cleaning and disinfecting
Is your in-house service team properly disinfecting equipment?

Imaging Dept Manager

An Rx for laughter
The easily-overlooked importance of humor in healthcare

Leadership Matters

What does it mean to create a culture of change in healthcare?
Q&A with Tracy Means, director of regional operations, north market, for Henry Ford Health System

Supply Chain

Will supply chain establish a new normal?
Insights from Stanford Health Care on planning for an uncertain future
A dose of prevention for reducing radiation exposure
Tips for safety in the interventional suite
COVID-19 and a BMET’s right to repair
The ongoing pandemic highlights the importance of empowering in-house service teams
It is time for a revolution in healthcare supply chain management
COVID-19 exposed supply chain weaknesses and the enormous amount of medical waste that's created