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The April Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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Nanomedicine : La balle magique ?
Advances in the field show promise for what seemed like wishful thinking only a century ago.
C-bras : Sur le tranchant du changement
After years of slow growth, the C-arm sector is set to make its move
Équipes spéciales pour des procédures spéciales
The traditional cath angio room is making way for a crowd of professionals.

agents de Non-ainsi-secret : Champ de contraste attaché pour la croissance
Growth attributed to need for diagnosis and management of prevalent age-related health issues.


Money Health

The organization of an operations team for efficiency
Your structure may need restructuring...

This Month in Medical History

This month in medical history, April: Gerhard Domagk
Founder of the first commercially available antibiotic
Q & A with John Kelly of IDN Summit and Reverse Expo
This month's IDN Summit and Reverse Expo will take place April 23-25, in Orlando, Fla.
Medical Museum, April 2012: Cupping Set
This month's medical curiosity dates back to 1880.
Spaced-out with nanomedicine
Martin Short, nanomedicine, efficient practice management and more.
A big month for imaging and health IT
Good news for stage 2 meaningful use, bad news in EHR's impact on imaging utilization.