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Proton Therapy

Varian completes world’s first human FLASH therapy trial
The last patient was treated earlier in October
German facility performs first clinical application of helium ion beam therapy
First helium ion treatment to ever use pencil-beam scanning
Tampa Bay in Florida to receive first proton therapy center
Will be a free-standing center instead of a single provider facility
Sumitomo Heavy Industries develops superconducting cyclotron with 1000 nA proton beam
Highest intensity level of any proton therapy system in the world
RaySearch, Mevion explore new approach for delivering FLASH proton therapy
Will test approach on Mevion's S250i Proton Therapy System with HYPERSCAN
Improving patient access to proton therapy
Experts discuss what’s being done to ensure cancer patients who need treatment can get it
Proton therapy: Further evolution of the most advanced radiotherapy for patients
Insighta from Frederic Genin, president of IBA Proton Therapy North America
Proton therapy trial to advance esophageal cancer treatment
Will compare clinical outcomes of PT and photon radiotherapy, create guidelines across indications
Mayo Clinic invests $200 million in proton therapy expansion
Will be able to treat 900 more patients annually
Superconducting 'bending magnet' could slash proton therapy cost, footprint
Enables the beam to converge at a single point regardless of where it enters the magnet
New facility becomes first proton therapy provider in Utah
Will treat approximately 200 patients annually once fully operational
Prototype in the works for incorporating real-time MR imaging for proton therapy
Will help track moving tumors and guide proton beam to spare healthy tissue
Proton therapy current events recap
A look back at some of the biggest headlines shaping the road ahead
Bringing proton therapy to pediatric patients
Access is improving for the kids who stand to benefit most, but the pandemic has magnified financial challenges
Lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare over refusal to cover proton therapy moves forward
The insurer administered ERISA plans to block coverage because it was too expensive, alleges the suit
The NAPT's annual proton therapy meeting is almost here
Q&A with Dr. Isabelle Choi, Radiation oncologist at New York Proton Center
Demand for proton therapy systems half of what it was five years ago: report
The PT market has slowed down by 3% each year since 2018
New proton technique enables more specific targeting of resistant cancer cells
Malignancies with repair pathway defects are more sensitive to concentrated proton therapy

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