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    The December Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    DOTmed Informations commerciales meilleures de 2011
    DOTmed News has rounded up award recipients from a variety of sources to provide a retrospective of the year’s best.
    Cas de charité : Les services médicaux et l'équipement à la roche basent des prix
    A four-year-old boy lay dying of malaria in a Benin, West Africa-based hospital. Not 40 feet from his room, a supply closet is fully stocked with the antidote. But the hospital has no basic intravenous lines available to administer the drug. In a country where one out of five children die from malaria before the age of 10, this little boy’s story is all too common.
    Le tourisme médical demeure une petite mais croissante industrie
    Medical tourists typically save anywhere from 40 to 90 percent of what their medical procedure would cost at home.

    Rapport spécial : Fournisseurs de service mobiles
    When facilities need a temporary solution to care delivery, sometimes the answer can be found as near as the parking lot.
    Rapport spécial : Le secteur tertiaire de transport est « avec précaution optimiste »
    The ups and downs of deinstallation, crating, rigging and transport

    Columns & Sections

    3 health care decisions to watch for in 2012

    Alzheimer's imaging drugs, health reform's day of reckoning and mobile apps regulations -- all possibly coming next year.

    Medical Museum: Perkins Tractors

    Perkins' confidence in his device proved to be his undoing.

    Medical practice marketing vital in the "new normal"

    The economic climate has put a new premium on medical practice marketing.

    Start of something new...

    The year draws to a close and it has been a busy one for news!

    Meaningful use and EHR: Our story

    A California doctor explains how he steered his practice through stage 1 meaningful use attestation.