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The March Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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Le congrès d'AORN dans la ville en croissant
New Orleans will host this year's event from March 24-29.
Rapport spécial : Marché d'anesthésie de carburant de ventes de système de gestion de l'information
Fueled by AIMS sales, the overall market is estimated to grow at a midlevel, single-digit rate.

Rapport spécial : Le début du règne de l'endoscopie
Endoscopy at the top of the market with arthroscopy following suit
Rapport spécial : Stérilisateurs à basse température dans une demande élevée
Gas plasma sterilization heats up the low-temp market.


Alright, this is the last time . . .
ICD-10 delay, the DOTmed 100 and DMBN available in the Apple Store.
Letter from the Online Editor, March 2012: Budget battle deja vu
Surprise! Same proposals in new budget plan cause same outcry among radiologists.
"Coca-Koller" and the discovery of local anesthesia
This Month in Medical History looks at Dr. Carl Koller.
Medical Museum March 2012: Wales Endoscope
This month's medical curiosity dates from 1868.
Keeping current and providing a safer practice
Q & A with AORN president Anne Marie Herlehy
One facility's OR Story
How does your facility's OR stack up?