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The May Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Rapport spécial : Informatique de formation image
Making MU meaningful for radiology.
Points de vue de Biomed
Biomeds share their thoughts on what's going on in their sector.
Le CMS vient propre au sujet de sa règle d'entretien
But questions remain for the clinical engineering community.

SIIM : Q&A avec le brun de David
The incoming chair of SIIM talks about the show.
Comporté : impression à trois dimensions
Health care's future is in print.
Rapport spécial : Défibrillateurs
Regulatory rhythm likely changing for AED manufacturers.

Rapport spécial : Le contrôle continu a les avantages continus
In low-acuity areas, spot-check monitors are out and continuous monitors are in.
Rapport spécial : Pompes d'infusion
Pain management and interoperable smart pumps see growth.
Rapport spécial : Équipement d'essai
X-ray testers and infusion analyzers compete as more devices come to market.


Bang for your buck

More bang for your buck: Infusion Pumps
Three tips to keep your infusion pumps and patients safe

Future Of...

Monte Dube on the future of hospital mergers
What's driving more consolidation?

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Sean Fowler
The new CEO of Marina Del Rey Hospital talks about his goals.
Medical Museum: Stone heart
This month's selection dates back to c. 1600.
May's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
Practice Management: Robotic surgery
Why are robotic systems transforming the cardiac cath lab?
Biomeds by any other name . . .
Letter from the editor for May, 2014.
News from Washington
Letter from the online editor for May, 2014.