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The July Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Medicall 2011 : Rencontrez le « supermarché » où les hôpitaux de l'Inde font des emplettes
If you're looking to break into one of the world's fastest-growing health care markets, consider exhibiting at Medicall 2011, India's premier medical equipment tradeshow.
Pour un hôpital critique d'accès, le processus rend parfait
Advice from a 25-bed critical access hospital that made the transition from film to digital.
Pour des biomeds, le dernier équipement de test éclaire la charge
In an increasingly complex health care environment, CE departments look for lighter, faster and multifunctional solutions.

Défibrillateurs et le public
In line with the latest guidelines, AEDs look to deliver more than a shock.
Adressage des défis de la gestion de mouvement dans le rayonnement
A comparison of conventional radiation therapy and next-generation radiosurgery.
L'échange de l'information de santé mène aux améliorations des initiatives rurales de commande de la maladie
One rural health information exchange shares tips on how an HIE should be run.

Hôpitaux critiques d'Access
Facilities are under increased pressure coping with funding cuts and regulatory requirements.
Moniteurs patients : La santé se réveille aux risques de la fatigue d'alarme
Hospitals have more technology than ever before and alarm fatigue is one unfortunate drawback that has arrived with it.

Rapport spécial : Problèmes à la pompe
Experts get proactive to address issues with infusion pumps


Real Time Locating Systems on Track in Hospitals
Real Time Locating Systems have evolved dramatically since their inception as merely equipment tracking systems.
This month in medical history: shame of a nation
Nearly 40 years ago this month, a story broke that shocked the nation.