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PETNET Solutions and Zionexa get approval for breast cancer-specific PET imaging agent
Cerianna is the first FDA approved F-18 oncology PET agent since 2016
New animation highlights TechGate Automated Caution Barrier for MR safety

The TechGate Auto - MRI Caution Barrier solution from Aegys provides superior MR room access warning that doesn't require manual deployment by staff.

Less than half of DXA facilities surveyed adhere to quality assurance procedures
Of 121 international facilities, 25% were not accredited by professional or government organizations
Cancer screenings plunge more than 90% due to COVID-19
Capacity limitations may prevent bounce back even after pandemic ends
Cost should factor into breast cancer screening decisions for women in their 40s
Prices vary from $151 to $751 depending on the region and type of scan
Researchers aim to combine MR with microwave imaging for fewer unnecessary breast biopsies
Dartmouth engineers being supported by $3 million from the NCI
RadNet to acquire DeepHealth
Will initially pay one million shares of RadNet common stock
Study shows long term advantages of DBT over mammography
Five year study shows greater cancer detection, lower false positives with DBT over DM
Abbreviated MR outperforms 3D mammography in detecting cancer in dense breast tissue
Results are in from the first prospective, multicenter study of AB-MR
Mammograms may not benefit women age 75 and up
Did not affect eight-year breast cancer mortality in study
Cancer mortality falls by 29 percent over nearly three decades
Driven by long-term drops in lung, colorectal, breast and prostate cancer
NC Woman sues mammography facility for low quality scans that resulted in temporary closure
Seeking refund for scans and payment for repeat mammograms
Google AI could boost breast cancer detection: study
Google Health's DeepMind appears poised to diagnose on par with expert radiologists
Breast density notifications not having intended effect, say researchers
As FDA prepares nationwide standard, framing information meaningfully is key
GE Healthcare launched more than 30 new AI applications at RSNA
Also unveiled new CT solution and first contrast-enhanced mammo solution for biopsy
Infervision introduces new AI applications at RSNA
Part of InferRead Suites solution