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Global CT market to hit $6.14 billion by 2025
Driven by higher demand for mid- and high-end CT scanners
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Canon to acquire chipmaker Redlen Technologies for $270 million
Will use chip technology to develop photon-counting CT scanners
Mobile stroke units offer better outcomes for stroke patients: study
Death rates were 9% for MSU patients, 12% for EMS patients
Canon enters photon-counting CT partnerships in Japan
Imaging approach enhances image quality, lowers dose exposure compared to conventional CT
Anthem will cover children undergoing imaging in hospitals
Hospitals more commonly employ pediatric specialists compared to outpatient sites
First fully mobile AI-powered CT unit launches in West Virginia for lung cancer screening
Can travel statewide without relying on facility-based power
Lung cancer screenings rose in 19 states despite pandemic
Five states saw decreases of 23% to 25%
Ultra-compact PET system yields promising results in clinical trial
Allows patients to undergo functional brain imaging while sitting up
Northern Ireland identifies major discrepancies in 13,000 CT exams
Has lead to largest recall of patients in Northern Ireland
Understanding the impact of liquid metal bearing tube technology
Insight from Alexander Eitel, head of marketing and business development at Dunlee
Radiologic technologist charged with sexually assaulting patient during CT scan
Arrested for sexual assault, also offered man crack cocaine
New total-body PET/CT prototype under development
Will display higher sensitivity to generate strong image resolution at reduced dose
Total-body PET/CT spatial resolution and image quality exceeds industry standards
Researchers propose longer measurements on phantoms to accurately test scanning
MGH to introduce NeuroLogica's photon counting detector technology to ICU
Expects to more accurately visualize and segment bone, blood clots, plaque, hemorrhage and intracranial tumors
GE Healthcare and SOPHiA GENETICS team up to personalize cancer care
Combining AI, medical imaging and genomics to tailor treatment for individual cancer patients
Mayo Clinic performs first cardiac scan with photon-counting CT
Creating research teams to assess use of technology in subspecialties
Akumin acquires Alliance Healthcare Services for $820 million
Will serve over 1,000 health systems and 34 radiation therapy centers across 46 states

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