Who was at IAMERS and what happened?

Who was at IAMERS and what happened?

par Philip F. Jacobus, CEO | May 11, 2016

There were also some companies that deinstall equipment and store it and that provide service as well as rentals:

Representing Oxford was Jeff Fall, Dave Band, who was the founder of IAMERS, Julie Markdikian, who as I said above was very knowledgeable about ISO certification and Will Hegemuehle Jr., who I mistakenly introduced as Bill Hegemuehle because I knew his father.

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Shared Imaging was represented by Dave Neally and he traveled with his wife who is convalescing from a car accident and seems to be doing very well.

Dan Wheeler was there with his new CFO, Ryan Lynch. I sat with them at dinner and learned a few things. Dan seems to be going all over the country and he talked about several offices he has.

Universal Medical Resources was there with Jason Kitchell and Craig Diener. They were one of the nuclear medicine companies there and they make a great product.

Also representing nuclear medicine was Carolyn Shaw from Northeast Electronics. Unfortunately, John was not able to be there. Carolyn and John are a very nice couple and always bring a calming effect.

Robert Manetta was there and when he was not talking to someone on the phone, there was a line of people waiting to see him. His daughter joined us one night and she has grown up to be a very impressive young lady. Robert told me his son just passed the bar so Robert and his wife Tracy seem to be on cloud 9.

On Friday, Dirk Smith talked to us about rigging and the challenges that a rigger faces and the challenges that a company that deinstalls equipment faces.

Robert Kerwin pointed out the link between proper planning for the installation and ISO certification.

Wayne Webster and Robert Kerwin also talked about how important it is to have a complaint resolution process as part of your ISO certification procedures.

Wes Preston and Jimmy Kallam attended from East Coast Medical. Wes flew and Jimmy drove. I am not sure if Jimmy is making a statement about Wes' piloting skills or if their schedules did not jell but anyway, I saw a picture of Wes' plane from 1944 and it was a real beauty.

Jim Balet was there from Cool Pair Plus and we spoke briefly about his efforts to refurbish 4K coldheads. He talked about coming to visit me in New York and I am hoping that is the case sometime soon.

Representing DOTmed was Colm Ford, Stephanie Lau, our director of marketing, and Linda Comisar, our new vice president. I know for a fact all three of them had a good time.

I guess this recap would not be complete without mentioning that there were a few old timers there.

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