Imaging Island Moves into North and South American Markets

L'île de formation image entre dans les marchés du nord et sud-américains

par Janan Cargile, Consultant, Janan Cargile Communications | November 21, 2005
Imaging Island provides sales and service of x-ray and other pre-owned medical equipment to the Caribbean market, with sights focused on deeper penetration into the North and South American markets. Imaging Island's U.S.-based operations began in Miami, Fla., but owner Joseph Porsenna, with his staff of three, are reinventing their marketing strategy from their second office in McDonough, Georgia, a bedroom community just south of Atlanta.

"We specialize in x-ray equipment, but as we are growing, we realize that there is demand for everything. We have slowly gone into surgical equipment and other parts," he said.

Porsenna's enthusiasm for company expansion is not limited to product specialty, but also in taking Imaging Island into a wider global arena. Building on the company's success in the Caribbean, Porsenna sees potential beyond this niche market and is making strides to break into both the North and South American markets with similar force. "It's been four years now and we're doing it."


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But it was not sales that first motivated Porsenna to his business; rather, it was his lifelong love of science and technology. Trained as a biomedical engineer, with a special interest in x-ray technology, Porsenna asserts that knowing his product both inside and out gave him the competitive edge when first starting out.

"A lot of people in this business don't understand the full meaning of x-ray and they don't know the product that well," he reflected. "I think the better you know the product, the more you can help the customer."

Porsenna's interest in x-ray technology and customer-direct service provided him with a solid business foundation, however, he is quick to point out that to take the company beyond handshake sales requires tapping the potential of the Internet. When first joining DOTmed more than two years ago, Porsenna admits, "At first I didn't realize the...potential of DOTmed," but has since found it provides a needed networking tool to drive his business ahead. "I see a lot of people on DOTmed that I have met before," he says, which reinforces person-to-person contacts he makes at industry shows and in past direct marketing efforts.

Porsenna believes that Imaging Island's success is rooted in his ground-up experience and personal insights. "Everyone puts their own touch on the business. There are things you cannot be taught, you just have to learn it and have a feel for the business."