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Are you ready for the ECR Annual Meeting?

February 28, 2021
European News

The meeting will offer four live parallel streams of the education and science program, including early bird and night owl sessions reflecting the attendees of the congress, who will be around the world in various time zones. There will be live presentations, semi-live presentations, and prerecorded presentations, and a level of interactivity that ESR leadership anticipates will be unparalleled.

Be seen in the virtual exhibition
Companies are invited to virtually present their offerings at the virtual exhibition, which will be hosted by Expo-IP, the same platform the ECR has used in prior online events. This time around, the platform has been refined with upgrades and some significant changes to the system itself as well as participant’s usage.

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Among the new functions are advanced statistics, integrated lead generation and only one registration and login for all ECR 2021 platforms (ESR Connect for the ECR 2021 scientific/educational program and the ECR 2021 Virtual Expo). The platform also offers a restructured and simplified booth-building process, where all an exhibitor needs to do is fill in a form with their company’s details and upload a company logo and other optional graphics, without any back-end work required.

The virtual exhibition at ECR 2021 will also feature a matching tool. After filling out a short survey, delegates will receive an overview of the exhibitors best matching their interests, to make these companies instantly accessible.

Embracing the challenge
If you have even a mild interest in art, you’re probably familiar with Gustav Klimt’s iconic oil on canvas painting, “The Kiss”, depicting a dynamic couple embracing in colorful robes. This year, the ESR has borrowed inspiration from Klimt’s masterpiece by taking Embrace as the theme for its meeting. An embrace being something that Fuchsjäger points out is in “stark contrast to our everyday professional lives” and therefore, “very timely.”

This message of embrace can be found in many aspects of the meeting program. Aside from embracing clinical knowledge in the educational sessions and embracing business opportunities in the exhibitor space, ECR 2021 also calls on attendees to embrace different cultures.

“We will feature the most wonderful ESR Meets region sessions,” said Fuchsjäger. “Four in total, the first will be on the Arabian Peninsula; Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — a region that is very dear to my heart, as I had the chance to work as a radiologist in the UAE for three years. Furthermore, we will feature Armenia, we will feature India, and last but definitely not least, my home country and our host country, Austria.”

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