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1) Fujifilm in talks to acquire Hitachi's medical imaging business

Would enable it to compete with larger players in the market

2) Chest CT scans diagnose COVID-19 better than lab tests, says study

Could help in early diagnosis of disease

3) Special report highlights key findings for coronavirus on CT scans

Help radiologists diagnose cases earlier


Press Room

Equality Health Partners with commonwealth primary care ACO to extend value-based care tools to independent physician practices
December 04, 2020
Low-dose CT for lung cancer screening benefit outweighs potential harm
December 04, 2020
Mortality rate after cancer surgery drops, but gap persists between black and white patients
December 04, 2020
Ibex Medical Analytics and Institut Curie partner to improve AI-powered breast cancer detection
December 04, 2020
Perspectum’s non-invasive MR technology informs surgeons about previously undiagnosed background liver disease
December 04, 2020
Lantheus Holdings agrees to sell its Puerto Rico radiopharmacy and PET manufacturing facility
December 04, 2020
FTC claims New Jersey healthcare system merger would increase price and reduce quality of healthcare
December 04, 2020
Adaptive image receive coil from GE shows promise for whole-brain imaging
December 04, 2020
PCC's new report sounds alarm on low and declining U.S. primary care spending
December 04, 2020
Atrium Health and Navicent Health announce plans to form strategic combination to serve communities in Central and South Georgia
December 04, 2020

European News

British patient in overcrowded ED dies due to wrong CT scan being read
Error was due to slow computer system and overcrowded emergency department
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Philips begins a major, 10-year strategic partnership in Germany
Marienhospital Stuttgart hospital to implement state-of-the-art technology across multiple departments
Philips partners with LeQuest for online, interactive ultrasound training
Will allow for remote training without equipment in European and Latin American countries
Fallout from hospital cybersecurity attack leads to patient death in Germany
With IT systems down, patient data unavailable for providing care for life-threatening condition
CERN in talks to develop FLASH radiotherapy facility for clinical use in Switzerland
Will utilize components designed for CERN's Compact Linear Collider
MEDICA trade show pivots to virtual format for 2020 meeting in November
In future years, the show will follow a hybrid virtual and in-person format
New method may enable splitting ventilators between two patients
Could be used beyond COVID-19 for acute disaster surge capacity or on a battlefield
More than a quarter of CT scanners in Ireland have exceeded end-of-life
Legacy systems may increase chance for breakdowns, extend wait times for patients
UK cancer experts say worst fears about patient backlog becoming reality
Experts call for emergency response to prevent another full-blown health crisis
Finnish researchers designing mobile MR unit that could fit in a van
Will not require specially trained healthcare personnel to operate it
Patients with COVID-19 and cancer more than twice as likely to die
Multinational initiative derived information from more than 900 patients
European Commission MDR implementation update: delayed but in process
Understanding periodic safety reports and postmarket surveillance, as well as the new database of medical devices
Nuclear medical exams expected to increase with improvements to radioisotope transport
COVID-19 bottlenecks have curtailed flights and limited delivery of radiopharmaceuticals
Philips unveils new ventilator, seeks to produce 4,000 a week by Q3
Immediately producing 15,000 per week of new model
New Nightingale Hospital in London gets first patients
Will house up to 4,000 beds with ventilators and oxygen in 80 wards, with as many as 25,000 medical staffers
Getinge ramps up ventilator production by 160% to combat COVID-19
Brings ventilator capacity to 26,000, compared to the 10,000 the company developed in 2019
Dyson to develop 15,000 ventilators for COVID-19 patients
Company founder James Dyson drew up the design over 10 days