The genesis and evolution of Systems Integration in the OR

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The genesis and evolution of Systems Integration in the OR

June 02, 2020
Health IT Operating Room

This is why it’s important for health systems to select vendors who not only have a proven history in medical imaging, but a demonstrated history in healthcare IT and enterprise imaging. In short, IT expertise coupled with diagnostic imaging expertise is the ideal when seeking a systems integration vendor. It will double your chances for boosting efficiency, productivity and successful outcomes in the OR.

Education and teamwork lead to a better OR
Most people plan to buy an engagement ring only once. It’s a huge decision. You get inundated with information as you try and understand the 4C’s and ensure your big-ticket purchase goes well. And at the end of all this education, you buy the ring and immediately never have to remember all that you just learned. It’s a lot of education for a single decision (as important as it may be).

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That’s a little bit like investing in systems integration technology.

Most OR managers and IT professionals will only make this purchasing decision— a full systems integration solution— once in their entire career. It’s a purchase that occurs when there's a big remodel, or when a new hospital is being built, and when the time comes to make the decision, it’s not easy to quickly become an expert in the field. What’s more, during this process, the amount and nature of the information coming at you can be overwhelming and confusing.

OR directors are experts in what they do. They are experts in care providing, they’re experts in working with surgeons, but rarely are they IT experts— that is not their job. But Systems Integration technology does come from their budget. So it is the industry's responsibility to educate all of the players involved in and impacted by this kind of decision.

In summary, in considering the history of this industry and the transitions that have happened, it’s important for both IT professionals and OR managers to understand the shift happening in this space. It will help everyone involved--the entire team of surgeons, OR managers, CIOSs, and healthcare IT staff—to join forces to make more informed, wiser decisions for the OR and the patients it serves.

About the author: Devon Bream, MPH, FACHE is the global vice president of endoscopy and general manager of systems integration at FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. Bream’s extensive knowledge in the OR Systems Integration industry comes from more than 25 years of professional experience and leadership in a variety of medical device companies.

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