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Value-based care shift hits inflection point with tech and policy advancements

June 18, 2021
Business Affairs

These changes shine a light on opportunity, and innovators are sharing in this emerging market segment. Payors are hungry to partner on novel approaches. New CMS models, including ESRD Treatment Choices (ETC) and Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting (CKCC), encourage a shift in treatment approaches that will deliver earlier interventions and better outcomes. Commercial payers are following suit.

The goal is not just to treat the final symptoms of kidney failure, but to drive innovation on the prevention side. Increases in obesity, diabetes and hypertension are placing more people on track for developing kidney problems. These radical changes in incentives mean more patients under the care of Medicare Advantage, and the availability of new tools allows us to go after the prevention side, which could positively impact many people.

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A proactive, value-based approach is required for earlier intervention that promotes patient health and well-being. If we can focus on these tenets – incentives that encourage prevention and focus on outcomes; technology that helps foster care coordination and align providers; and AI to better inform care decisions and act as a skill multiplier for caregivers – we should be able to bring about sustainable, meaningful change that will slow disease progression, reduce hospitalizations, lower cost and improve patient experience, quality of life and life span.

About the author: Rich Whitney is a board member with Strive Health.

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