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Five key lessons for boosting hospital finances and operations during COVID-19

par John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 20, 2021
Business Affairs

“For Academic Medical Center practices, work closely with your AMC's financial team to craft a financial plan that recognizes radiology's importance to the daily functioning of the AMC operations, and the need to maintain an 'intact' radiology department, to be able to immediately respond to recovery of elective and outpatient imaging,” wrote the authors.

4. Adapt to thrive in the post-pandemic future: reimagine, design and implement your future clinical practice now
A recovery and resurgence plan can help practices incorporate effective policies and do away with those that prevent jobs from being fulfilled. It should include assessment of pandemic-related policies, and plans for internal and external communications, IT, PACS, report generation, clinical scanner shutdowns, and support for remote and virtual care. One recommendation is a Recovery Task Force to oversee recovery plans.

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5. Show genuine appreciation to your team
Addressing any challenges in a pandemic or other healthcare-related disaster requires teamwork, which thrives on appreciation for all team members. This can be facilitated through effective leadership, fostering team well-being, communication and customer service. “Be it through listening, telling people what you value most about them, or simply checking in with them, great leaders should focus on and cultivate appreciation in the workplace, whether this embraces recognition for performance, or appreciation for effort and intent, regardless of the outcome.”

These and more of their recommendations can be found in Academic Radiology.

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