PDC announces UV-C LED Bore Sanitization System

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PDC announces UV-C LED Bore Sanitization System

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 30, 2020 Business Affairs
PDC is proud to announce our newest solution to help healthcare heroes meet the challenges of today and minimize Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) into the future: Introducing our new UV-C LED Bore Sanitization System to quickly, easily and verifiably sanitize ANY imaging system bore and table, including: MRI, PET/MR, CT, PET, PET/CT, MR-guided Linac and Nuc Med.

PDC’s unique UV-C LED technology kills 99.9% of all pathogens – including the coronavirus – and is specifically designed to sanitize MRI and all hard-to-clean imaging bores and imaging tables.

A Perfect Pair: UV-C + Manual Cleaning

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By now, many of us are all too familiar with the downsides, uncertainty, and at times, anxiety associated with conventional chemical sanitizers. According to Jim Maslowski, PDC Co-Founder and President, the goal of PDC’s UV-C technology is to minimize uncertainty, anxiety, complexity and harsh chemicals to help technologists more easily deliver the safest imaging experiences to patients.

“By pairing required manual cleaning with our UV-C system, technologists can minimize harsh chemicals, wait times, uncertainty and hard-to-clean areas associated with conventional sanitizers,” Maslowski said.

But how long does it take?
In just 3-5 minutes, imaging technologists can be assured that their imaging bore and table have been sufficiently disinfected and are ready for the next patient, according to Maslowski. “Plus, while our UV-C system disinfects the imaging bore and table, it frees up time for the technologist to disinfect other items and prepare for their next patient,” Maslowski said.

Eliminating Sanitization Uncertainty
But how can technologists be certain the equipment is fully sanitized? “Our UV-C system delivers a 40 mJ/cm2 dose of UV-C LED light at 275nm – proven to kill 99.9% of all pathogens, including the coronavirus. Dosimetry dots are included with the system to verify that the proper dose has been administered,” said Michael Hemmerly, PDC Chief Sales Officer.

“These dots can be placed on the table and in the bore prior to starting the sanitization cycle. At the end of the cycle, the dots will indicate whether the proper dose has been administered,” Hemmerly said.

But is UV-C Safe?
Per PDC testing, as long as a few precautions are adhered to, UV-C technology is safe. “As long as users stay about 3 feet from the bore when the UV-C system is in operation, it is safe. If users are at a closer range, we recommend PPE, including safety glasses, long sleeves and gloves to protect eyes and skin,” Hemmerly said. “Additionally, UV-C won’t penetrate glass, so it is safe to be in the control room while the system is in operation. To ensure the system is not accidentally turned on, the power supply includes a lock and key for safe storage,” said Hemmerly.

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