Modern magnets should not lose helium

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Modern magnets should not lose helium

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 07, 2020 MRI
For the last 20+ years magnet service has been reactive. A tech realized the magnet pressure was high after doing a weekly manual check, or a helium alarm went off, or someone discovered the coldhead was off. They didnt know how long they had a problem once they discovered the problem. All that time they are losing liquid helium inside of the MRI. And that’s just a cooling system failure, it doesn’t take into account the state of the chiller, if the power is out, or if there is a small but consistent helium leak.

This service model is still just as prevalent in the industry as it was in the 1990’s. The technology has advanced, the demand has increased, the cost of helium has skyrocketed, and yet the service models remain stuck in the past.

That’s why we’re proposing a paradigm shift in the way we think about magnet maintenance. Rather than focusing on managing helium loss when it happens, we propose the complete elimination of helium loss by bringing your service model into the 21st century.

Servicing GE, Philips and Siemens CT equipment with OEM trained engineers

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Helium Zer0: The Proactive Service Model for Today
Helium Zer0 is our total magnet care solution that provides 24/7/365 monitoring for everything from your power to your chiller to your coldhead. Using this proactive, real-time monitoring, we are able to visualize the data and create trend analytics to build predictive models and tell you when something is failing before it costs you a dime.

Foresee Issues Months in Advance. We can foresee an issue months ahead of time: coldhead failure, issues with chillers, small helium leaks, and other minor mechanical problems that could grow into major issues.

We Inform You of Problems. Not the Other Way Around. Reactive service providers are waiting for you to call them with your issue. We don’t believe you should be an expert in magnet maintenance, that’s our job. We monitor your system, foresee changes in cycles, compare data trends, and inform you of a potential failure months before it occurs.

We’re taking readings every minute for your chiller and we can look at your cycles and see trending data and let you know, “six months ago your chiller was cycling at a 30% rate, now it’s cycling at a 60% rate. Let’s address this chiller issue now, and fix it before it becomes a major failure.” You’re going to have to spend money to maintain the cooling systems of the MR, but you don’t have to pay for helium loss if you take a proactive approach.

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