Vocera acquires EASE to improve the healthcare experience for patients and families

Vocera acquires EASE to improve the healthcare experience for patients and families

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 19, 2020 Health IT
SAN JOSE, Calif., August 19, 2020 -- Vocera Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCRA), a recognized leader in clinical communication and workflow solutions, today announced that it has acquired EASE Applications (EASE), based in Orlando, FL. EASE offers a cloud-based communication platform and mobile application built to improve the patient experience by enabling friends and family members to receive timely updates about the progress of their loved one in the hospital. The EASE app enables nurses and other care team members to send HIPAA-compliant texts, photos, and video updates to patients' loved ones, putting them at ease and saving valuable time.

With more than 1.6 million sent messages, the EASE application has demonstrated improved patient and family satisfaction and reduced the number of phone calls from loved ones to the hospital. In one study with approximately 2,500 family members, 98% said that EASE reduced their anxiety, and 81% reported that the availability of EASE would influence their choice of hospital. Additionally, patient satisfaction scores increased by an average of 6% for patients who used EASE compared to patients who did not use the application.

"Now, more than ever, meaningful human connections are needed in healthcare," said Patrick de la Roza, chief executive officer of EASE. "When a person undergoes surgery or is hospitalized for an infection or other illness, the patient and their loved ones often feel fear, anxiety and isolation. EASE helps reduce these burdens by providing needed connectivity and transparency, while allowing care teams to deliver the best care."


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Patients can add friends and family members to their distribution list; and with a simple tap, caregivers can keep them informed and ease their concerns. Messages, pictures and videos sent disappear 60 seconds after being viewed, and nothing is saved on the mobile device, providing an additional layer of security and privacy. The application also provides secure two-way video conferencing between patients' families and care teams. Additionally, EASE enables care team members to customize in-app surveys, offering a quick way to track and improve patient engagement and satisfaction in real time, and giving feedback and support for the caregivers.

"Improving the lives of patients, families and care teams is the mission of Vocera, which is why EASE is a perfect addition to the company," said Brent Lang, Chairman and CEO of Vocera. "The acquisition of EASE strengthens the Vocera platform by enhancing care team communication with patients and families. We are excited to add this innovative, patient-facing solution to our portfolio."

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