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A better MR experience

par Valerie Dimond, Contributing Reporter | September 07, 2020
From the September 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Optoacoustics - FOMRI-III+- 2018-Product- Image_2100x
Another innovation is the wireless IMROC system, designed for interventional MR environments with multichannel noise-cancelling MR headsets that can be used by up to eight people simultaneously, including the patient. “Everyone just talks normally, without the need to shout above the EPI noise or signal each other with their hands,” said Rosenbaum. “Being able to easily communicate in the iMRI suite changes the game for them completely.”

The MR Safe Headphone from AVID Products Inc. also focuses on patient safety, comfort, and experience to improve the rate of successful scans. “We understood the importance of obtaining frontline input during the process and partnered with a leading MR facility during development, including clinical trials to get critical feedback from technologists and patients,” said Michelle Turcotte, senior visual designer at AVID. “The AVID MR Safe Headphones block out 30% more noise than other rated products in their class and offer our superior sound, plus acoustic tubing that provides the patient with improved sound clarity, making it easy to hear technologists' instructions and listen to their favorite music playback during the scanning process.”

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And when it comes to earplugs, AVID’s tree-style silicone earplugs purportedly provide improved noise blocking and comfort over typical foam earplugs. “This style avoids having to pinch the plugs prior to ear insertion and then waiting for them to expand,” said Tarcotte. AVID offers adjustable headbands, tube sleeves to assist with tube placement, and a reinforced ear cup connection with comfortable, dual-layer padding.

Res Tech
MRIAudio is another company on the forefront of MR technology. One of its latest developments is its MRIview, a video display that the patient uses during the scan, which includes a patient monitoring camera. “At one of our pilot sites we [placed] the MRIview on a patient under anesthesia and the anesthesiologist made a point to make sure everyone knew how much he wanted this for all scans,” said John Hornbrook, customer service manager, MRIaudio. “The patients are still getting an earplug or an earmuff, but now with our system, you can listen to music, or a podcast or an audiobook. Having that distraction, as minor as it may seem, can help to relieve anxieties and stress during the scan.”

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