Flexwise Health completes merger with Prescience Health

Flexwise Health completes merger with Prescience Health

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | June 30, 2020 Business Affairs
NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Flexwise Health, an on-demand clinical staffing platform for hospitals, and Prescience Health, a staffing optimization software company that uses data science to predict patient demand and align nurses, today announced that they have completed their merger to form one company. The combined company will operate as Flexwise Health and will deliver the first modern enterprise float pool management platform to help hospitals leverage data science and optimize nurse coverage, automate float pool deployment, and access on-demand nurses.

“Hospitals and regional health systems are facing unprecedented challenges in managing their clinical staffing needs while controlling expenses,” said Kevin Godsey, CEO of Flexwise Health. “With this merger, our goal is to provide an integrated solution that will help facilities reduce premium labor costs without compromising patient care by implementing innovative enterprise float pool capabilities powered by data science.”

“The sudden deterioration of the economy due to COVID-19 has made the outlook for most hospitals uncertain,” said Hiro Kawashima, CEO of Prescience Health. “It is critical to control operational costs and our combined solution will enable hospitals to make data-driven staffing decisions, prevent staffing level variation, and ultimately ensure that patients receive optimal clinical coverage.” Kawashima will stay on as Chief Product Officer of the new company.

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This merger will deliver a long sought-after solution for hospitals and will enable effective enterprise float pool management and target reductions of costly third-party staff. Flexwise’s platform is used by hospitals to access on-demand nurses to supplement core staff. Prescience’s platform, StaffRight, uses advanced algorithms to predict patient demand up to 18 months out and align nurse staffing.

“The combination of Flexwise and Prescience creates an innovative technology-enabled company that addresses a key pressure point for health systems related to workforce management, a long-standing challenge that has been exacerbated in the current environment,” said James Olsen, Founder & Managing Partner, Concord Health Partners. “This merger will provide health systems with a streamlined platform to address the persistent shortage of clinicians by providing both actionable insights and a real-time supply of candidates, improving operational efficiency and enabling delivery of high-quality care.”

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