TeraRecon acquired by SymphonyAI – the Signify view

TeraRecon acquired by SymphonyAI – the Signify view

March 11, 2020
Business Affairs Health IT

By using a common platform, population data from Concerto HealthAI can be combined with imaging data from TeraRecon, for example, to improve patient stratification for oncology clinical trials. TeraRecon’s AI solutions could then be used to provide quantitative image assessments throughout the trials, improving their efficiency and efficacy. For health providers, a common platform could lead to the development of a more integrated care management solution that combines AI-analysed imaging data from TeraRecon with other data sources, for example, electronic health records and real-world evidence from Concerto. This would provide clinicians with richer information for diagnosis and treatment planning and plays well to the current focus on precision medicine.

A common platform will also enable patient records and clinical outcomes to be matched with images to create highly targeted training data to develop new AI algorithms. The additional financial resources and access to the SymphonyAI Group’s machine learning expertise and clinical data will enable TeraRecon to accelerate its in-house development of AI algorithms and solutions.

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New product development — AI suites
At RSNA 2019, TeraRecon announced AI Sync, a software enhancement to the EnvoyAI platform that automatically prepares AI results and presents them for verification before, during or after the radiologists’ interpretations are completed. The company also announced three AI Key-Workflow subscription offerings for Stroke and Trauma, Auto TAVR and Cardiac MR. These leverage AI Sync to deliver AI results in the form of dashboard views that radiologists can engage with and verify as they generate reports. AI Key-Workflows are optimized applications designed to deliver clinical data and iNtuition workflows accelerated with AI functionality and automation.

TeraRecon has signaled that its AI Key-Workflow solutions will evolve to AI Suites. These will combine native and third-party algorithms to create workflow solutions for a variety of specific use cases. This is a natural evolution for the AI market, from today’s multiple disparate point applications, to more complete solutions that address specific bottlenecks in the radiology workflow. With algorithm developers facing increasing competition for point solutions as the number of regulatory clearances rises, complete workflow solutions are a key strategy for differentiation. And potentially one with greater financial rewards.

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