ViewRay shows results of first prospective clinical trial on MR-guided radiotherapy for prostate cancer sans implanted markers

ViewRay shows results of first prospective clinical trial on MR-guided radiotherapy for prostate cancer sans implanted markers

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"This promising data in the treatment of prostate cancer with SBRT, enabled by the unique combination of MRIdian's ability to see, shape, and strike, is notable for patients and physicians," said Scott Drake, President and CEO. "MRIdian is providing physicians the confidence and tools they need to deliver ablative radiation doses both precisely and accurately while sparing sensitive structures near the target, in order to achieve better patient outcomes. We are pleased to add this prospective trial to our clinical data compendium and thank the team at Amsterdam UMC for their work to improve the lives of cancer patients."

About the Study

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Article in Press in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, titled: "A prospective single-arm phase II study of stereotactic magnetic-resonance-guided adaptive radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Early toxicity results", authored by Anna M.E. Bruynzeel, MD, PhD, Shyama U. Tetar, MD, Swie S. Oei, MD, Suresh Senan, MRCP, FRCR, PhD, Cornelis J.A. Haasbeek, MD, PhD, Femke O.B. Spoelstra, MD, PhD, Anna H.M. Piet, MD, Philip Meijnen, MD, PhD, Marjolein A.B. Bakker van der Jagt, MD, Tamara Fraikin, Berend J. Slotman, MD, PhD, Reindert J.A. van Moorselaar, MD PhD, and Frank J. Lagerwaard, MD, PhD. According to the study, "The maximum cumulative grade ≥2 early GU and GI toxicity measured by any symptom at any study time point was 23.8% and 5.0%, respectively. No early grade 3 GI toxicity was observed. Early grade 3 GU toxicity was 0% and 5.9% according to the CTCAE and RTOG and scoring systems, respectively, as a result of different grading of radiation-cystitis. The low incidence of early GI toxicity was confirmed by patient-reported outcome data. GU grade ≥2 toxicity peaked to 19.8% at the end of MRgRT, followed by a return to the baseline average score at three months follow-up."

About ViewRay
ViewRay, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAY), designs, manufactures, and markets the MRIdian® radiation therapy system. MRIdian is built upon a proprietary high-definition MR imaging system designed from the ground up to address the unique challenges and clinical workflow for advanced radiation oncology. Unlike MR systems used in diagnostic radiology, MRIdian's high-definition MR was purpose-built to address specific challenges, including beam distortion, skin toxicity, and other concerns that potentially may arise when high magnetic fields interact with radiation beams. ViewRay and MRIdian are registered trademarks of ViewRay, Inc.

Intended Use
The MRIdian Linac System, with magnetic resonance imaging capabilities, is intended to provide stereotactic radiosurgery and precision radiotherapy for lesions, tumors, and conditions anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is indicated.

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