Q&A with Paul Lepage, the new president and CEO of Intelerad

Q&A with Paul Lepage, the new president and CEO of Intelerad

par Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | October 30, 2018
Paul Lepage
About a month ago, following the retirement of Randall Oka, Intelerad's board of directors announced that Paul Lepage would be taking over as the company's new president and CEO.

HealthCare Business News checked in with the health IT veteran to find out what he has in store for Intelerad, why he is so excited about getting involved in the radiology industry and what to expect from the company at the upcoming RSNA meeting.

HCB News: You have been working in health IT for a long time but if I'm not mistaken this is your first executive role with a radiology company. What attracted you to imaging?

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Paul Lepage: The field of medical imaging is undergoing tremendous changes and Intelerad is at the forefront of this digital transformation with several strategic initiatives.

We are developing new solutions, combining best-in-class functionality with modern and efficient UIs on a native, secure and elastic cloud-based infrastructure; a must to satisfy the growing scalability needs of our larger clients.

I was drawn-in by the possibilities of this market to continue the upward growth and productivity. As well as the satisfaction of health care providers via improved enterprise imaging workflows. I also feel that collaboration between healthcare providers and patients can be enriched by engaging portal solutions.

We are also investing in Research and Development and big data infrastructure to acquire and develop machine learning capabilities, providing our clients with data-driven insights, which can help them predict patient follow ups or optimize the reading capacity of a particular practice. These capabilities will only be successful if we continue our efforts at understanding what our customers need, will use and what drives their satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

All these capabilities ultimately will also lead to improving the performance of health care systems, better patient engagement and faster access to care.

HCB News: Can you describe some of the goals you have for Intelerad over the next few years?

PL: I will give myself time to get started. My first day with Intelerad is November 1st.
Intelerad already has a well thought-out strategic plan and the team is on-track with the execution of its strategic roadmap.

In particular, I am hoping to support the team on some key objectives:
• To continue the good work on customer satisfaction, which is at the core of the Intelerad DNA through a number of well-planned initiatives.

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