SVSR unveils Siemens Horizon PET/CT trailer

SVSR unveils Siemens Horizon PET/CT trailer

par Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | September 10, 2018
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SVSR Inc., a leader in specialty vehicles and mobile imaging trailers, has completed a coach for Insight Health Corporation, a provider of diagnostic imaging solutions, featuring a Siemens Healthineers Horizon PET/CT scanner.

The Horizon scanner, part of the Siemens Healthineers Biograph product portfolio, received FDA clearance in 2016 and was originally unveiled at the 2015 European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

"I must say that working with Siemens on this project has been a wonderful experience from the first meeting to the final certification!”, said Ronnie Taylor, president, SVSR Inc. "Craig Kasulis, project manager of research and development, Siemens Medical Solutions, was courteous and professional throughout the entire process. This helps in working with the OEMs and staff to cooperate and get the installation completed in a timely manner with minimum issues possible, to help OEM's provide the highest caliber product."

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The new trailer is TR Arnold certified, California approved and received stellar test results from Siemens at the Siemens approved test track, which measures structural vibration and durability.

The attractively priced premium PET/CT scanner can be used to visualize smaller lesions because the system's 4 mm LSO crystals scintillate faster and have a higher light output, which allows for superior image quality and an optional Time-of-Flight functionality.

"Biograph Horizon simplifies staff's daily routine by automating manual tasks and offering protocol-based exams to increase productivity," Siemens said in a statement when the scanner was first unveiled. "For example, Quanti QC runs quality control procedures overnight, scans can be performed in as fast as five minutes, and reconstruction runs alongside acquisition for image delivery just 30 seconds after the scan."

The Horizon is a relatively small PET/CT system with low power requirements, characteristics which might make it a better fit for installing in a mobile unit than other scanners.

The SVSR trailer has many features, including MERV graded filtration system, LED belly lights powered from 3 strategic locations and LED interior/exterior GREEN lighting. Starting with the Stanton Dynamics chassis, SVSR Inc. used Solicore interior walls, which resist rust, rot and mildew, and NUDO ceiling tiles that help eliminate dust.

"After years of repairs and refurbishing coaches it was a natural progression to begin building coaches of our own. We knew it would be a tough market to break into because of the competitors we would face. We drew from years of experience in repairing coaches, and before that, my background in electronics, electrical, carpentry, and refrigeration. [Vice President]Eric Dagenhart's background in electrical, mechanical, bodywork, hydraulics, and carpentry, and Vlastimir Todorovic joining SVSR Inc. as senior director of engineering, bringing 30 years of engineering experience with over 10 years of medical design, only increases our confidence in the ability to build a superior product,” added Taylor.

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