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Q&A with Christine V. Emery, the new executive director for the AAMI Foundation

par John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 29, 2018

HCB News: What will your responsibilities be as executive director, and how would you say your experiences have prepared you for this role?
CE: Some of my responsibilities are sort of pre-determined by the role in terms of running the foundation, making sure that it is serving the public good, and that it is financially sound. What I see as the more fun part is enhancing the value of the foundation and focusing on that branding, on the hallmark of what it is that the foundation does and what it is that AAMI as the foundation does. How do we complement their work and further it as well as engage more stakeholders around the world? AAMI focuses primarily on those standards and building consensus worldwide around those standards. Part of my role is to increase the number of stakeholders that are engaged in those conversations around the world.

It’s because I don’t come from the healthcare industry that perhaps I bring a sense of urgency from the outside. I feel like I’m someone who understands the deep impact of the work happening here. I also feel, however, that there are not enough people outside the industry that are feeling this impact.

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With a lifelong background of working across cultures and with many years of success in finding new streams of revenue for organizations and bringing strategic management to organizations, from that perspective, from that perspective, whether it’s healthcare or not, the AAMI Foundation needs the expertise that I’m bringing and there are plenty of subject mattersexperts here for those areas that I need to understand better.

HCB News: I know you’re just getting your feet wet but what goals or changes do you have in mind for enhancing the foundation’s mission?
CE: Having been here just one week and going next week to Long Beach where I will have the opportunity to spend one day with the board members of AAMI and one day with the board members of the AAMI Foundation and then a few days immersed in the larger conference and expo, I will come back from that with a much clearer sense of where some of the gaps are and what my first strategic steps will be over the next six months.

I want to enhance the value of the foundation. I am focused, as is the president of AAMI and the rest of my colleagues, on the whole HTM profession. I will be spending time talking to stakeholders in that field and looking for ways to attract more people into the field and to play a role in not highlighting but in showing that there’s a place for career growth and leadership in the field.

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