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Breast Imaging Product Showcase

July 22, 2017
Molecular Breast Imaging Women's Health
From the July 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Kubtec XPERT 20 Digital Specimen Radiography System

XPERT 20 Digital Specimen Radiography System
The XPERT 20 Digital Specimen Radiography System is the most compact specimen radiography system available for the biopsy suite, and yet features the largest imaging area enabling the hospital to image the largest number of biopsy cores in a single shot. The XPERT 20 System produces the highest-resolution images enabling the smallest microcalcifications to be seen and transmits multiple images to PACS with a single click.

Kubtec XPERT 40 Digital Specimen Radiography System

XPERT 40 Digital Specimen Radiography System
The XPERT 40 Specimen Radiography System features a 50kV, 1.0 mA X-ray that penetrates the densest cores and surgical specimens, identifying the finest details in seconds. The XPERT 40 also features an integrated high-resolution optical camera for side-by-side image comparison, a compact, portable design for use in the biopsy suite and the OR and single-click transmission of multiple images to PACS.

Source-Ray, Inc. - Innovations In Portable X-Ray

SRI is a leading Developer, Manufacturer & Supplier of Innovative Portable Imaging Equipment. We offer Lightweight, Agile, Easy to Maneuver Portable X-Ray Systems ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. Call us at 631-244-8200

Oncovision Mammi

Dedicated breast PET. Mammi offers high sensitivity and high spatial resolution (1.6mm) 3-D imaging. Indicated for a second look and inconclusive breast diagnosis (dense, high-risk patients, recurrences). Thanks to the ring configuration, Mammi visualized early response monitoring for therapy follow up. The prone positions allow no breast compression, pain-free.

Planmed Clarity 2D/3D Mammography System

Clarity 2D/3D Mammography System
The newly designed Planmed Clarity is adaptable to your imaging needs. The robust plug-n-play amorphous silicon detector supports a 23 x 29cm field of view. Clarity's OneTouch workflow provides descriptive graphics for the technologist which are easily viewed on dual touchscreens. Ready to incorporate Digital Breast Tomosynthesis at your facility, Planmed Clarity 3-D delivers diagnostic precision. Our patented Continuous Sync-and-Shoot and TomoMarker technology enables sharp reconstructions for radiologist review.

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