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February 02, 2015
From the January/February issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Important lessons from a facility that has had success in implementing an enrollment program, which are useful to other organizations seeking to maximize enrollment include:

Exploring new screening and data capture technology. Busy clinic and hospital staff need access to simple, easy to learn and use technology that provides guidance and support tailored for their organization. Also, exploring technology that allows enrollment staff to enter patient data into one cloud-based system, rather than a spreadsheet, will reduce human error and enable instant data analysis and reporting (important for providers seeking grants) when it’s needed.

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Reaching out to the community. Because we are now targeting the harder to reach populations, it will be imperative that providers go where their prospective patients and enrollees may be. This may mean sending staff into the community to knock on doors, go to health fairs and visit locations where the homeless or uninsured may congregate. Utilize laptops and smart phones with access to your enrollment system to help with the enrollment process, ensuring you have “feet on the street.”

Don’t limit your offerings to exchange information. As many providers are discovering, there are coverage options beyond those listed on an exchange that can help patients gain access to health services and providers secure much needed reimbursement. Ensure that your programs provide information on all available coverage options in your community. No doubt, the process is challenging. But with committed staff, knowledge from past experience, and technology, organizations will be better able to help patients and ensure their own success.

About the author: Everett Lebherz is vice president of PointCare,LLC developer of the cloud-based health coverage screening software, PointCare-PA, and educational training sessions for hospitals, community clinics, providers, and third party vendors.

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