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Q&A avec Robert Robbins

par Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | April 15, 2014
From the April 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

RR: I think it’s important to be able to brand and market the Texas Medical Centers so this international audience knows ”Texas medical centers” as a group is powerful — the collective “Texas medical centers” [including 54 institutions.] We will always will be competitive with hospitals but in specific areas — genomics, stem cells, regenerative medicine, clinical trials, health policy — we can all agree that this will take institutions coming together so that the sum of the individual parts is greater than the individual parts themselves. The rest of world is coming together in multi-institutional ways around these things and we should too.

HCBN: What do you want people to take away from the show?
I hope we can provide cutting edge material. Attendees are going to hear the latest and greatest from MD Andersen about immunotherapy, targeted therapy, personalized medicine, the latest pumps and drugs and genomics used to predict which drug you’ll respond to best. You’ll hear about building a whole heart out of stem cells. I hope people will be educated about the next direction of where we’re going and how they can plan for disasters and what health care changes will mean for them. So it’s going to be a comprehensive program that will educate attendees on the scientific and clinical side, yet I want there to be a broad representation from the vendor side too where they can bring the latest and greatest CT scanner or electronic medical records.

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HCBN: How unique is this collaboration between a renowned medical center and a major trade show brand?
I don’t know of anything like it. I think this is an unusual thing. The Texas Medical Center is really a medical city — we are like proud grandparents who brag about our grandchildren and we try to get them to come together for family reunions and holidays to work on important projects together.

HCBN: What impact do you think this kind of show can have going forward?
For Houston, it can provide a platform to exhibit our great talents and highlight a program of clinical care discovery. It also allows us to showcase Houston — our city — to an international audience. We want it to be something people look forward to every year since it will be in Houston every year. We want people to develop relationships and new collaborations. So it’s a good thing for Houston and a thing that will raise the profile of our medical center and will be economically beneficial for our city.

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