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4 manières de garder rougeoyer de tubes de rayon X

par Carol Ko, Staff Writer | September 01, 2013
From the September 2013 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

For customers, price is overwhelmingly the most important factor when it comes to X-ray tubes, according to our experts. And for good reason: they’re often the most expensive component of the X-ray. DOTmed Business News consulted with experts to see how customers could avoid paying any more than they have to when purchasing tubes and how to get the most out of their purchase after the fact.

First, every technologist should warm up, or “season” the tube at the beginning of the work day, and sometimes when the tube has been idle for a while, depending on manufacturer instructions. “Seasoning the tube is important to ensure correct operation of the X-ray,” says Glenn R. Hammerquist, VP at Berrien X-ray Inc.

And because it’s such an expensive part of the machine, experts advise buyers to do their homework on the dealer and the product. “You want to purchase them from someone who has properly burned-in the tube, is competitive on pricing and provides a good warranty,” says Ben Williams, field service engineer at DEXA Solutions, LLC.

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“Look at your usage and utilization and determine which price point you really need to be at,” advises Michaelle Serrano, marketing manager at Oxford Instruments Service, LLC.

Another point to stress is the importance of training all the staff on proper use to avoid premature burnout. “Spend some time to train techs on how to use the equipment,” says Elie Semaan, president Rayon-x Engineering, LLC.

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