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Risk Management

Leapfrog offers 29 recommendations to decrease diagnostic errors
Diagnostic errors cause 40,000 to 80,000 deaths annually
COVID-19 puts decade-long improvement in patient safety at risk
Adverse events significantly dropped due to more safety programs
Masks and MR safety: researchers examine the risks
Color coding may help distinguish MR safe masks from ones with metal
Foam degradation rare in Philips ventilators, mainly caused by cleaning products
Degradation was in less than 0.5%, ozone upped risk 14 times higher
Potential harm from faulty batteries leads to recall of over 4,000 GE ventilators
Company advising users with affected machines to keep the ventilators on main power whenever possible
Discussing new device sterilization standards
Q&A with Susan Klacik, clinical educator with IAHCSMM
University of Washington AI helps ambulances and ICUs weigh emergency risks and cost considerations
Calculates importance of variables and then makes recommendations
One in three imaging systems in Canada is over 10 years old
May increase risk of backlogs and scanner breakdowns
Abbott recalls 14,500 OCT catheters due to loose component
Designed for assessing coronary artery disease
Over 100,000 unnecessary procedures performed in first year of pandemic
Underwent operations that had little or no clinical benefit
A new era in testing equipment efficiency
The latest solutions more efficient, with preset testing protocols stored right on the devices and reports that seamlessly flow to the CMMS
Patients with infected cardiac implants should have them removed
Face higher risk of mortality if they rely on antibiotics alone
Expired adhesive prompts recall of some Philips Respironics ventilator recalls
Could damage capacitors, potentially causing device to stop providing ventilation to the patient
Wisconsin moves toward making threats to healthcare workers a felony
Anyone found guilty could face up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine
Joint Commission publishes advisory on reprocessing reusable medical equipment
Recommends actions for reprocessing tools correctly
Over 4,000 vets potentially exposed to unsterile medical devices
Potentially-infected patients are encouraged to get blood tests