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Artificial Intelligence

Jurors may be less likely to find physicians liable for harm from AI than commonly thought
Study provides first data concerning AI liability in personalized medicine
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AI tool in development predicts prostate cancer recurrence risk
RadClip could help physicians personalize individual treatment plans
Deep learning models superior to machine learning at brain imaging analysis
Continuing to learn how to identify brain biomarkers from the data they process
RadNET's DeepHealth AI facilitates breast cancer detection a year sooner than radiologists
New study indicates the algorithms outperformed full-time, breast-fellowship-trained experts
FDA unveils plan for assessing safety, efficiency of AI solutions
The plan includes five actions the FDA will perform
FDA greenlights Compressed SPEEDER 3D for Canon's Vantage Orian 1.5T MR
Compressed SPEEDER 3D makes scans twice as fast
AI solution expected to cut radiotherapy planning time by up to 90%
InnerEye could reduce waiting times for patients to begin radiotherapy sessions
Massachusetts researchers discuss risk assessment model for breast cancer at RSNA
Incorporates digital information not used by traditional risk assessment models
AI and neuroimaging research on surgical skill scores $2.2 million funding
The research is geared toward improving surgeons' skills.
New technique produces self-learning algorithms for medical imaging
The technique enables users with little to no specialist knowledge to configure self-learning algorithms
AI digital stethoscope eliminates noise for more accurate diagnosis of lung ailments
The stethoscope requires no training and could be used to diagnose cases of COVID-19
Radiology editorial board highlights top research papers of 2020
Many papers focus not just on COVID-19 but other issues investigated by the medical imaging community
Radiologists discuss data sharing practices for AI development at RSNA
Affected by patient privacy, legal and regulatory requirements, and partnerships
Northwestern researchers develop X-ray AI platform for COVID-19 detection
Platform was 10 times faster, 1% – 6% more accurate than thoracic radiologists
Neuroradiologist outlines plan to improve global healthcare at RSNA
Most of the world still lacks access to radiology services
Bayer and Blackford Analysis to partner on radiology AI platform
Creating a virtual marketplace for imaging applications and algorithms
NVIDIA partners with GE, Nuance on accelerator program for AI startups
NVIDIA Inception Alliance will seek to connect innovators with market leaders
Canon expands its AI-based image reconstruction technology to more systems, modalities
Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR)