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Molly Stahlschmidt, Account Executive
DOTmed user since August 2018

325 Leffingwell Avenue
St Louis, MO 63122 USA
Phone: +1 (314) 994-9820
Molly Stahlschmidt, Account Executive
Phone:+1 (314) 994-9820

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February 17

Asking Price:
$1,450 USD


BAXTER Sigma Spectrum Infusion System Pump IV Infusion For Sale

Baxter 6.05 and 6.02 fully refurbished with 1 year warranty wireless batteries and drug Libraries.... view more

February 17

Asking Price:
$995 USD


PRECISION PM65 Pump Suction For Sale or Rent

PM65 Suction units Hospital Shut Down We sell and rent the... view more

February 17  

ALARIS 2863 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

Alaris IVAC Medsystem III 2863 is an infusion pump that can be programmed to deliver at a specified rate or over a specific period of time. The 2863 is a multi-channel infusion pump featuring three... view more

February 17  
February 17  

ALARIS 7130 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

Alaris 7130 Signature Single Channel Infusion... view more

February 17  

ALARIS 8110 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

The Alaris Medley 8110 Syringe Pump is an important part of the Alaris Medley Point of Care System.This attachable module allows for easy use of syringe delivered medication. The Alaris... view more

February 17  

ALARIS 8200 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

Refurbished and ready for patient use, one Alaris 8200 Nellcor ™ OxiMax ™ SpO2 module for Alaris 8000 series infusion pump systems. This module is backed by our 12 month warranty and our unparalleled... view more

February 17  

ALARIS 8210 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

The Alaris 8210 SpO2 module features a functional blood oxygen saturation percentage, pulse rate, pulse bar, channel identification and scrolling messages display. It also features alarm limit... view more

February 17  

ALARIS 8220 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

The Alaris® Masimo SpO2 Module from CareFusion provides continuous, non-invasive monitoring of blood oxygen levels and pulse rates in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. With a common user... view more

February 17  

AIRCAST Venaflow System 30A DVT Pump For Sale

The Aircast VenaFlow Vascular System (#30A) includes main unit, tubing, and power cable. It is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications. Warranty: 1... view more

February 17  
February 17  

ZIMMER ATS 1500 Tourniquet System For Sale

Zimmer ATS 1500 Features The Zimmer ATS 1500 is an automatic tourniquet which has been found useful in producing a bloodless operating field in a surgical procedure involving extremities. It is... view more

February 17  

ZIMMER ATS 2000 Tourniquet System For Sale

The Zimmer ATS 2000 is the next generation from the ATS 1500 tourniquet system. The Zimmer ATS 2000 is a dual pump system that allows for Bier Block procedures. Feel free to inquire about Zimmer,... view more

February 17  

BIRD 8400 STI Ventilator For Sale

Bird 8400 STi Ventilator Features Familiar knob technology. Easy to operate. Full range of ventilator modalities. Designed for use in acute and sub-acute settings. Pressure... view more

February 17