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Vision Equipment Inc

Serving the Eye Care Professional

Leo Hadley Jr, President
DOTmed user since June 2014

11407 Challenger Ave.
Odessa, FL 33556 USA
Phone: +1 (855) 776-2020
Leo Hadley Jr, President
Phone:+1 (855) 776-2020

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SANTINELLI LEX 1000 Patternless Edger For Sale

Santinelli Lex 1000 Lens Edger manufactured by Nidek The Lex 1000(NT) Lens Edger’s advanced technology enables labs to confidently handle even the most challenging jobs. High Curves The Lex... view more

March 22  

RIGHTON SpeedyK Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

Lightning Fast & Accurate The SpeedyK boasts advanced engineering, rapid acquisition of data, and the medical retro illumination mode. It’s large, high quality monitor allows for easy alignment... view more

March 22  

RIGHTON RETINOMAX K plus 3 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

The Retinomax K plus 3 autorefractor keratometer is the Worlds Leading Handheld Refractor and Keratometer The Retinomax 3 Series boasts all the same benefits as the 2 Series, plus an impressive... view more

March 22  

NIDEK ARK 500A Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

The NIDEK ARK-500A is an autorefractor/keratometer which contains both a refractormeter and keratometer in one unit. The refractometer objectively measures refractive errors of sphere, cylinder, and... view more

March 22  

NIDEK 760A Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

NIDEK 760A AUTOREFRACTOR KERTOMETER. TNidek ARK-760A Autorefractor / Keratometer with Auto Eye Tracking, Auto-Shot and Auto-Print Functions, Cornea and Pupil Size Measurements, Trial Lens Data... view more

March 22  

NIDEK 530A Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

Nidek ARK 530A Autorefractor Keratometer 3D Auto Tracking and Auto Shooting Features: – New measurement: pupil zone measurement method – kerato measurement: double Mayerling alignment method –... view more

March 22  

NIDEK RKT-7700 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

RKT 7700 Auto Ref/Kerato/Tonometer Nidek RKT 7700 Auto Ref/Kerato/Tonometer • Auto Ref/Keratometer & Non-Contact Tonometer in One Unit • Combining the measurement of refractive power •... view more

March 22  

CANON RK-F1 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

Canon RK-F1 Auto Ref-Keratometer Auto-Ref Keratometer with full 3D auto aligment Advanced Full Auto technology for 3-D Auto alignment, auto tracking, auto measurement and auto print-out! Just... view more

March 22  

REICHERT AL500 Lensometer For Sale

Reichert AL500 Auto Lensometer The AL500 offers the features and advantages of the AL200, with the addition of the following benefits: Vertical Configuration The AL500 utilizes a... view more

March 22  

NIDEK LM 970 Lensometer For Sale

Marco Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer The Marco Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer features cost-effective high performance, auto read function. Easy operation: automatic power adjustment and cylinder axis... view more

March 22  

S4OPTIK 2000 Combo Ophthalmology Chair and Stand For Sale

The 2000 COMBO Chair and Stand Unit provides a unique solution to the space vs functionality challenge, all at an affordable price. A small 44.8” (113.7cm) footprint provides total functionality in... view more

March 22  

ION VISION INC. ezView Ophthalmic Lenses For Sale

Ophthalmic lenses are made from 100% ALL GLASS with an exclusive broadband anti-reflective coating that comes standard on all products. No other company in the marketplace can make that same claim.... view more

March 22  

S4OPTIK ST-1600 Ophthalmology Chair and Stand For Sale

The 1600-ST brings Elegant Simplicity to the exam room: with clean esthetics, exceedingly simple instrument positioning and strong, durable construction. INSTRUMENT CONSOLE The console is... view more

March 22  

S4OPTIK 1600-CH Ophthalmology Chair and Stand For Sale

The S4OPTIK 1600-CH Examination Chair Pneumatically assisted pivot tilting mechanism with one-handed release/control mechanism allows simple patient positioning with up to a 40 degree recline. In... view more

March 22  

HAAG STREIT BM 900 LED Slitlamp For Sale

HAAG STREIT BM 900 LED POWERED SLIT LAMP EXCELLENT CONDITION INCLUDES TONO MOUNT, FIXATION AND HRUBY LENS This item is in perfect working order, just came out of a merged practice, and it... view more

March 22