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WebStore for FB Eye Equipments, Inc.

FB Eye Equipments, Inc.

Facundo Bahamonde
DOTmed user since February 2002

1978 NE 149 Street
Miami, FL 33181 USA
Phone: +1 (305) 787-8366
Facundo Bahamonde,
Phone:+1 (305) 787-8366
Edgardo Minguet, Mr
Phone:+1 (786) 253-7380

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OPTOPOL PTS 920 Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

OPTOPOL Fast and precise perimetry at your fingertips Automated Perimeter PTS 920 is a modern diagnostic instrument for precise and fast testing of field of vision. Beside standard perimetry... view more

December 10  

CARL ZEISS Humphrey 740i HFA II-i Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

We have two units availables. One with original table, the other one with a brand new "generic table" Unit ready to... view more

December 10  

CARL ZEISS Humphrey 750i Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

This is the gold standard in Visual Field Analyzers. Unit it is in perfect shape and ready to go. Please ask for price. ... view more

December 10  

CARL ZEISS Humphrey 750i Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

Advanced analysis with comprehensive connectivity options Validated by more than 30 years of research, design and clinical experience, the Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA™) is the accepted standard of... view more

December 10  

CARL ZEISS Humphrey 740i HFA II-i Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

This is a Carl Zeiss Humphrey 740i. Includes power table, laser printer. This is the newer version of Visual Fields Analyzers from Zeiss. You can use USB peripherals. We switch the old style thermal... view more

December 10

Asking Price:
$14,500 USD


BAUSCH & LOMB MILLENIUM Phacoemulsifier For Sale

I have two systems, with Phaco and Posterior system. We can offer it with pneumatic (2500 cpm) or electric (1500 cpm). Both units have dual illumination xenon module, fluid module, air module,... view more

December 10  

COHERENT Ultima 2000 SE Ophthalmic Laser For Sale

Argon Laser blue/green and only green. Includes Slit Lamp adaptor, refurbished tube so 100% power. Ready to go. Pictures on the way. Accepting offers. ... view more

December 10  

ZEISS Ophthalmic Microscop O/R Microscope Wanted

We buy ophthalic microscopes, phacos, perimeters, topographers,... view more

December 10  

AMO Sovereign Compact Phacoemulsifier For Sale

AMO Sovereign Compact with White Star Technology. Includes 1 phaco handpiece, 1 Vit Cutter, Cart, Remote, User Manual. Unit is ready to go, and in great shape.... view more

December 10  

MOLLER-WEDEL EOS 900 No Assistant Microscope For Sale

Great Microscope for Eye Surgery. It comes with XY, no assistant. It comes on a reduced Stand. Red Reflux Enhancement head.... view more

December 10  

LEICA 690 Microscope For Sale

Excellent microscope, with XY assistant and multiplex foot pedal. Microscope refurbished on great phisical conditions. Ask for price and... view more

December 10  

LEICA 690 microscope O/R Microscope For Sale

Recently refurbished surgical microscope. Includes XY, assistant scope and multplex foot pedal. Pictures availables upon... view more

December 10  

MOLLER-WEDEL EOS 900 O/R Microscope For Sale

Surgical Microscope, for Eye Surgery. Includes XY, assistant scope, and foot pedal.... view more

December 10  

AMO Sovereign Compact Phacoemulsifier Wanted

We buy all kind of phacos. Sovereign and Sovereign Compact. ... view more

December 10  

BAUSCH & LOMB Millenium Combo Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Bausch and Lomb Millenium. Unit comes with: CX5200 Elite Ultrasound Module, CX 5300 Bipolar Module, CX5400 Scissors/Air Module, CX5510 Dual Illumination Module, 2 CX5600 Power Module, CX9500... view more

December 10