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Invision Medical InVisionMed

Joyce Hill, President/Owner
DOTmed user since November 2019

8 Robin Hill Lane
Laguna Hills, CA 92653 USA
Phone: +1 (949) 500-1399
Joyce Hill, President/Owner
Phone:+1 (949) 500-1399

Most Common Categories

March 30  

ALCON 10,000 Master Phacoemulsifier For Sale

10,000 Master, serviced and working... view more

March 30  

AMO OMS phaco handpi Phacoemulsifier For Sale

An OMS Phaco or Ultrasonic handpiece, Series 4 style, is in good working condtion. Not rebuilt. $795. with 90 day warranty, (exchange... view more

March 30  

AMO OMS phaco stand Phacoemulsifier For Sale

OMS Diplomax/Diplomate cart with electronic I/V pole and remote. Comes complete and working. Sells new for $4000. Make your best... view more

March 30  

BAUSCH & LOMB Millennium Millenium handpiece Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Millennium High Speed Vitrectomy Handpiece, tested and is in good working... view more

March 30  

STORZ phaco handpiece Phacoemulsifier For Sale

REbuilt Storz Premier phaco handpiece, with... view more

March 30  

ALCON LEGACY 20000 Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Alcon LEGACY 20000 with Advantec software upgrade. Includes 1 NeoSonix phaco handpiece,1 Turbosonics phaco handpiece, and a 90 day warranty. Call or email for more information.... view more

March 30  

ALCON 10000 STTO and PSS Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Alcon/CooperVision 10000 STTO wit PSS console, is anterior and posterior machine. PSS console includes retinal surgery features. Complete and with... view more

March 30  

AMO SOVEREIGN/WHITESTAR Phacoemulsifier For Sale

amo sovereign phaco with white star. complete, refurbished, and... view more

March 30  

BAUSCH & LOMB Storz Millennium Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Storz Millennium phaco, anterior/posterior. Complete and good... view more

March 30  

STORZ PREMIER POSTERIOR Phacoemulsifier For Sale

storz premier, posterior only, can come with cart or... view more

March 30  

AMO OMS Diplomax Phacoemulsifier For Sale

This is an OMS Diplomax Phacoemulsifier complete with footswitch, 2 phaco handpieces, remote, cart, and manual. Will be completely serviced and warranteed for 90... view more

March 30  

STORZ Premiere Microvit Phacoemulsifier For Sale

This is a Storz Premiere Microvit, posterior and anterior surgical capabilities. We can configure this to your specifications. Comes complete with phaco handpiece, 1 I/A handpiece, 1 Vitrectomy... view more

March 30  

CHIRON Phacotron Gold Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Chiron Phacotron Gold, complete with warranty. Includes reusuable... view more

March 30  

BAUSCH & LOMB DP4800 Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Bausch and Lomb Millenium or Storz Premier Venturi Posterior Pack. Complete pack, includes everything and the posterior vitrectomy... view more

March 30