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Raynor Shine Ent

Bruce Raynor, Proprietor
DOTmed user since August 2010

302 Birch Park Estates
51247 RR 231
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8B1K7 Canada
Phone: +1 7804675448
Bruce Raynor, Proprietor
Phone:+1 7804675448

Most Common Categories


MEDTRONIC 5348 Temporary Pulse Generator Pacemaker Parts For Sale

Part Number: 5433V
5433 V Patient Cable Ventricular

These Medtronic cables are reportedly unused, have no damage and are sold with an inspection warranty guaranteeing that they are fully functional. As they are not in original packaging they are sold... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$145 USD


HEWLETT PACKARD keypad V24C / CMS 2001 Monitor Parts For Sale

Part Number: M1106A M1106B M1106C
Handheld Keypad with suspend for CMS remote operation

FREE SHIPPING to the USA & Canada. Includes power supply & mount. These are spares sold by a public health authority upon decommissioning of this model of monitoring system. They are used, but in... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$35 USD


KAY sound spectrograph spectrograph For Sale

5 - 16000 Hz spectrum analyzer with 6061B Spectrograph with 6076C Display Scale Magnifier. Powers up, but I lack the facilities and knowledge to test it further. Priced to sell as well as avoid... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$59 USD


FERNO Hi-Lo Jr Whirlpool / Bath For Sale

12 gallon Ferno Ille Hi-Lo Jr. Whirlpool physio bath - fresh government surplus in good working order. Previously installed in a small, rural hospital. Adjusts from the floor to arm height, 17... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$400 USD


AMERICAN MEDICAL K-Thermia RK600 Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Powers up, heats up and pumps. 120 VAC powered and includes a hospital grade plug. May need to be calibrated to ensure heat ranges are accurate after shipping. The casing has some scrathes and... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$100 USD


PACKARD 2100TR Gamma Counter For Sale

Please request a shipping quote either from us or your shipper prior to committing to purchase. This will be crated in a 36x30x36 inch box with a weigh of approximately 350 pounds. US / Canada... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$199 USD


KIRLIN Optilite 1206 O/R Exam light For Sale

NICU motorized recessed (2) fixtures with wall control and original packaging. This item has never been installed and was declared surplus by the Alberta Government complete with original... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$549 USD



Only 1 working parts unit left. Will sell components. Minor damage to display cover and hose coupling on main board. SHIPPIN SEQUEL Compression System Model 5325 is designed to apply... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$49 USD


MEDICAL DATA ELECTRONICS MDE Escort E101 Bedside Monitor For Sale

Patient ECG, NIBP Monitor with Recorder. Passes Ram/Rom tests and setup staging. Appears in good condition & comes with EKG Protocol lead 008-0316-00. Batteries appear to accept a charge, but are... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$59 USD


SMITHS MEDICAL HotLine Level 1 HL-90 IV fluid Blood Warmer For Sale

This is a current product. We have two with the blue case left. Functionally they are the same as the current product that is without the blue highlights as I understand it. These warmers come... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$55 USD


JECOBI 7 Retractor For Sale

Stainless Steel, no manufacturer's stamp. Public hospital. Sklar reorder # 605604 Estimated shipping $8.50, per unit if multiples are purchased. Payment by PayPal, MasterCard or VISA. I... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$ 5 USD


MARQUETTE Solar 7000 Patient Monitor For Sale

Powers up & responds to basic control input. Screen show some minor image residue, but nothing serious. Ethernet address 00-00-A1-01-78-94. Verfied PayPal seller. MasterCard and VISA also... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$50 USD


AMSCO E 805 EO monitor Sterilizer For Sale

used to monitor badge ethylene oxide exposure for personnel working around equipment using EO. Powers up and appears complete. No badges or other monitor meters are included. Seller is PayPal... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$10 USD


HEWLETT PACKARD V24/V26, M1046A, M1094B , C Series Monitors ICU/CCU Parts For Sale

Part Number: M1002A

FREE SHIPPING to the USA and Canada. Shipping elsewhere at cost. This module has been tested for interaction with a M1046A CPU and M1094B monitor and appears to work well. It has not been... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$30 USD


MEDRAD Mark V Injector Angio For Sale

Does not power up. Appears to be complete (electronically). I have not investigated the problem beyond getting power into the unit (nothing happened or lit up). You can have as much of it as... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$50 USD