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> GE Lightspeed 8 calibration failure

GE Lightspeed 8 calibration failure



GE Lightspeed 8 calibration failure

September 11, 2017 02:58

I am faced with a problem on a Lightspeed 8.

It had a software issue with necessitated an LFC but I found that the savestate MOD was corrupted and hence could not restore system state.

I reconfigured the system manually and now trying to do a full calibration. I have successfully completed DAS Gain, Collimator and Z-slope cals but when I start the Detailed cal, the system aborts scan at Non-Bowtie Air Cals, immediately after the first exposure.
The log shows the following errors 230015013, 230015016 and 245200....

I am trying to recover the cal_db but am getting stuck here.

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Gabriel Cool

re: GE Lightspeed 8 calibration failure

September 13, 2017 09:07

Hi! you can change MOD driver, find CD driver with best quality and instal this. then reinstal SW
About errors, can you send img of this erors?

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