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> GE CT Lightspeed LS3.X errors 183182 and 214080

GE CT Lightspeed LS3.X errors 183182 and 214080

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Ali AlZein

GE CT Lightspeed LS3.X errors 183182 and 214080

August 13, 2019 10:42

I am dealing with GE CT Lightspeed LS3.x

I am getting an error 183182 on Tube Warm up

host:obc error:183182
i/o board pilot relay are closed. PDU pilot relay not energized. BCSTAT=0; HVDC rail voltage=215v.

and getting an error 214080 upon KV & mA test

host:obc error:214080
HVDC BUS Voltage is present while backup contactor pilot relay indicates a de-energized state, gentry i/o relay k251 and k245 are energized
hvdc bus voltage:210 V
gentry i/o address:FFAFBFH, bit:D4 expected 1 actual :0

Please guide me through the right Troubleshooting Flowchart to figure out the root cause of these errors.

Upon turning off the power at the PDU, I tested the resistance across A2TS1 cables at the PDU and these were the readings:
Red to Ground 53 K ohm
Black to Ground 50 K ohm
Black to Red 451 Ohms
I tested the phase to phase voltage at the input to the PDU and all read around 380VAC, and phase to ground around 215VAC.

Your help is much appreciated.

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