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SIEMENS Polydoros LX 30/50 X-Ray Generator



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Product-specific Remarks 0
Safety information 0
NOTE When carrying out the work steps and checks, the product-specific
safety information contained in the documents. as well as the
general safety information must be observed.
Protective measures 0
• Prior to performing any activity in the generator, switch it off at the power OFF switch on
the D160 board.
WARNING With the generator switched off, there is still line voltage at the T1
transformer and on the D160 switch-on circuit. After switching off
the generator, there is still approx. 600 V DC voltage present for
the inverter!
􀂹 This is indicated by LEDs V35 and V36 on the D110 and
LED V89 on D220 lights up. The voltage dissipates within
approx. 1.5 minutes to 0 V; the LEDs go off at approx. 30
• To switch power off to all parts of the system (generator and connected components),
set the system switch to the OFF position.
• To prevent unintentional triggering of high voltage or radiation, set the SS switch (S1)
on the D100 to OFF (no control of the inverter).
• Install or remove assemblies
Partial List - Error Code's
Error 001 0
Start of a service session.
• The Service PC has successfully contacted the XCU.
• Not an error; for information only.
• This error appears in the error log under the Number 41 from 240 (XCU).

Error 402 0
Minimum filament current
The minimum filament current (=1/2 nominal value) is monitored in standby.
Possible causes and action:
• Intermediate circuit voltage missing in the filament circuit at X41.7 and X41.10, mearure
230V ± 10%.
• Check fuse F21, D160
• Interruption in the filament path:
- Check wiring X41 - H1
- Workstation selected, AP relay in H1 actuated
1. H1 test point 50 = 0V
2. Ap 1 test point 51 = 24V (±15%)
3. AP2 test point 52 = 24V (±15%)
• Check filament transformer primäry winding (R < 1Ohm, transformation ratio 32:9)
• Check filament and high-voltage cable
• If no error is found, replace board D220.

Error 610 0
Invalid range of tube current (10 mA ADJUSTMENTS --> GENERATOR PARAMETER).
If this is done with generator, using older D100 SW, this error might be caused,
especially in Tomography. Set current back to 10 mA.

Error 421 0
Wrong tube current value in fluoroscopy
Possible causes and action:
Error in the master → perform system configuration and POLYDOROS adjustment.




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