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General Rating by a Dealer
December 28, 2019

High quality products and extremely knowledgeable on all ophthalmic products. After over 35 years in ophthalmic technology, I know of no one that is more reliable and trustworthy. Details

General Rating by Mariela Rodriguez, ATLAS O.E, LLC
January 17, 2019

We appreciate your business. Thank you for your business. Details

General Rating by Aleksandr Padar, Omikron Vision Group
May 10, 2018

Purchased Ophthalmic ultrasound system, arrived with damaged B-transducer. Was repaired within 60 days. Reliable seller but not so communicative. Details

General Rating by Takahashi Yoichiro, Green Medical Company Limited
November 05, 2017

Excellent business partner. Honest and reliable. Everything you can ask for. We hope for a continued and close partnership. Details