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General Rating by Abe Steiner, X-Ray Parts
November 07, 2019

easy to deal with Details

General Rating by Mateo Barloqui, Imaging Systems
August 07, 2019


General Rating by a Dealer
January 28, 2019

It was a real pleasure to do business with this user, fully Recommend! Details

Auction Rating by Philip Floth, Occupational orthopedics
November 20, 2018

This person bid on this item and the bid was accepted. They never returned my calls and when I finally contacted them through e-mail they told me they were no-longer interested due to shipping costs! Very disappointed!!!!
Rodrigo Henao responded: sorry you are disappointed but as soon as we found out the location as to where it was we decline because the deinstall and transport was more expensive than the system itself. we sent you an email explaining this. we cant buy a system that due to those factors won't be able to sell. i apologize if this created a big issue with you but we need to buy systems that make business sense.

General Rating by Garret Purrington, Medical Equipment Dynamics, Inc.
January 11, 2018


General Rating by an Exporter
January 09, 2018


General Rating by Robin Santana, 'R VENTURES MEDICAL INC
January 04, 2018


General Rating by Don Tiedemann, Optimum Medical Imaging
January 02, 2018

Carolina is a pleasure to deal with. She was straight forward, followed through on her promises and communicated efficiently. I would recommend her without hesitation Details

General Rating by Torben Broberg, LBN Medical A/S
December 13, 2017


General Rating by Travis Swann, Summus Medical
December 12, 2017

Have worked with Joe on a couple of system. Highly Recommend! Details

General Rating by Tommy Geske, Theta Gamma Technology, LLC
December 06, 2017

Medilab is the best. A great resource for Latin America. I highly recommend their friendly staff.... Details

Listing Rating by Juan Carlos Velasco, Velasco
November 07, 2017

Good Details

Listing Rating by Juan Carlos Velasco, Velasco
July 21, 2017


General Rating by Yuliana Manrique, Techlife Solutions, LLC
June 30, 2017

Great vendor to work with, very efficient and proactive, will definetly work with them again, recommended! Details

General Rating by Stephan Anderson, Heritage Radiology, LLC
January 30, 2017

We purchase equipment from MediLab regularly and consider them an extension of our company. They are no longer just a vendor but a true partner. They actually care, quite unusual these days. Details

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