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Symphony TIM loosing He
March 25, 2019 10:27

PER DAY? Most likely cause is COLDHEAD, when was the last service Compressor Absorber, when was the last service Compressor Pressure, what is current pressure? Which compressor? Which coldhead? Last Service? Who did last se...Click here to read more

Philips INtera 1.5T fail
September 06, 2017 10:11

Bad fiber likely ...Click here to read more

F0 shift in philips F2000 magnet
July 15, 2017 09:17

Please send me an assessment of your system, some photos of you ramp kit, and photo of your magnetometer as well as your shim document. I have seen several DOWNWARD drifts, but this would be the first UPWARD drifts I have seen. ...Click here to read more

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