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General Rating by Mike Solot, Kingsbridge Healthcare
January 17, 2020


General Rating by Keith Paterson, DCSP Medical
April 01, 2019

Great to work with. Block is the real deal! Details

General Rating by Mariela Rodriguez, ATLAS O.E, LLC
January 17, 2019

We appreciate your business. Thank you for your business. Details

General Rating by Joe Decker, MR Diagnostic Services
October 25, 2018

Jeremy has been a great resource for our company. If we need a hard to find item he's one of our first calls! Details

General Rating by Marilyn Benjamin, DMI Med LLC
February 24, 2017

Jeremy and his team, were very professional. I look forward to working with them again! Details

Listing Rating by alberto lopez, independent
June 17, 2016

perfect Details

General Rating by a Dealer
April 29, 2016

Thanks for doing business with us. Details

General Rating by Shane O'Brien, O'Brien Wholesale Inc.
December 27, 2015

Always very responsive and helpful. A pleasure to work with. Details

General Rating by Trent Maltby, MEDWORLD, INC.
October 16, 2014

We've dealt with Block Sci for over 15yrs and they have been great. Jeremy is an honest and upfront and they are an exceptional company with which to work. Details

General Rating by a Dealer
August 26, 2014


General Rating by Joseph Spagnoletta, RealTime Medical
July 24, 2013

Took equipment on pick up he was not authorized to take and did not pay for.
Jeremy Linder responded: We are extremely disappointed in RealTime Medical's unprofessional behavior. As an equipment broker, they sold us a unit and told us where to send our client to pick-up. It was a Lab Corp Facility in NC and the unit was a Vitros 350. The facility gave the truck an extra machine (a Coulter HMX) which we all know is worthless, and when questioned, they confirmed it should be taken. A few days later when the truck arrived to our client in Florida, we were told about the extra machine and informed both RealTime and Lab Corp before they had the chance to let us know. The client made arrangements with Lab Corp Directly to send the unit back and has been in complete communication with Lab Corp. Our client has also expressed interest to explain this. However, during the initial transaction, as well as during this whole return process, RealTime Medical has been unprofessional with their phone calls to our facility using abusive language and have had no coordination with LabCorp with whom they contracted the purchase. One example was when we were actually Threatened by RealTime to "hurry and pick-up the V350 we paid for or we would no longer be able to retrieve it". We found this odd as we paid for the machine and also had sent a truck in 3 days earlier. Their lack of communication with their buyer and unprofessional behavior, has forced us to discontinue any business with them in the future.

General Rating by David Nelson, Absolute Medical Equipment
June 05, 2013

Sold us a Abaxis Piccolo as a new unit when it was actually manufactured in 2007. Jeremy initially agreed to accept the machine back for a full refund, but then stonewalled us and will not respond when we tried to follow thru with the return for refund. He will not answer calls or return messages.
Jeremy Linder responded: The review is completely false. Block Scientific stands behind all of its products since we started doing business in 1980. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

Block has had 2 dealings with Absolute on the selling side as detailed below, and 2 with which we purchased from them. We will not mention the purchases from them, which are another issue, but that is not the basis for this reply.

The first was at or about 6 months ago where they placed a special order on a Sorvall RC-3B Centrifuge. Block went out and bought a centrifuge, only to have the order cancelled due to Absolute losing their order as their client changed their mind according to what we heard.

We did refund their money in full, although Block took a loss on stock that it did not need. We did this in good faith as it was our first dealing although there was no basis for the return and we could have charged a restocking fee.

The second dealing was just over a Month ago where Absolute purchased from Block an Abaxis Piccolo. Absolute had an issue with the client with whom they sold the machine to, and decided they wanted to again return a unit. They made claims that are not true and We were unable to verify the claims as we did not speak to their client.

However we did offer to exchange the unit for another. Their only response was they wanted to return as they lost their order.

Our initial response was to charge a restocking fee that they could then use towards a future purchase. Our terms and conditions they signed state a 30% restocking fee that we can keep and not apply towards a future purchase. This is when we started to receive threatening and abusive language phone calls from David Nelson. The calls were initially taken, and then we decided to avoid and only email Errol, with whom we contracted the sale with as the calls were threatening and abusive. One of the threats was to post claims on-line to "ruin" us. We have the calls taped.

Either way, 2 days ago, we emailed Errol and stated that they could return the unit for a full refund as long as it is received by Block in the same, Unused, Original Packaging, in which it was received. Also that we prefer they then never contact us again for any future business, along with future business in which we were going to give them.

There is no reason for the complaint, other than Slander, as we already agreed to the return and full refund, against better judgment on our part. David's only intention is to do whatever it takes to get a complete refund as this is his position at Absolute Medical as CFO and does not care what he has to do, in order to achieve his goal with abusive language and false Slander.


General Rating by Luke Monteleone, Global Med Systems
May 24, 2013


General Rating by Jason Fisher, JM Scientific
December 07, 2012

I have worked with Mr. Linder at different companies I have worked for in the past. He has always been pleasant, and enjoyable to work with. I would recommend doing business with him. Details

General Rating by Bob Gaw, PRN
November 30, 2012

Thank you. Looking forward to doing more business next year. Details

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