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Raynor Shine Ent
Alberta, Canada
DOTmed User since August 2010
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General Rating by a Dealer
January 31, 2020

Bruce is as honest, reputable and easy to work with. I’ve been doing business with him for years and would recommend him to anyone. Details

General Rating by Mark Waldrop, Terrain Biomedical & Consulting
December 02, 2019


General Rating by Mike Shapiro, Medical Source Group LLC
October 12, 2019


General Rating by Theresa Wilson, US Med Equip
January 18, 2019


General Rating by Fernando Luna, AA Medical Store
September 25, 2018

Very knowledgeable. Excellent customer and person to do business with. Details

General Rating by Moe Hassanin, Sky Surplus
June 25, 2017

I have dealt with Bruce on several occasions regarding lab and medical equipment. Each time, Bruce has shown great knowledge of the products he's selling. He goes above and beyond in making sure you receive the product safely and quickly. Always there to help and advise, I highly recommend Raynor Shine Ent for their outstanding service and fast response time. Details

General Rating by Ron de Ru, NorthWest Supply
January 30, 2017


General Rating by Perry Norman, Joint Advantage Corporation
January 30, 2017

Great Customer and Vendor! Always a pleasure Bruce!!! Details

General Rating by Brad Samuels, Meditek
January 27, 2017

Bruce is always a very helpful resource for us. Details

General Rating by a Dealer
January 26, 2017


General Rating by Steve Millthorpe, Steve Millthorpe
January 26, 2017


General Rating by Sebastian Rudolph, Focus Asset Services
January 26, 2017

Over the three years I've been dealing with Bruce he has always been upfront and fair. He works hard to deliver quality products in a timely fashion. He's a man of his word. **Highly recommended** Details

General Rating by richard hull, richard hull
October 09, 2016

very helpfull Details

General Rating by Preston Martin, GeoSurgical, LLC
September 27, 2016


General Rating by Vivien Fan, Scotiabank
August 25, 2016

Bruce was very helpful and honest. While I had no knowledge about the product I'm buying for someone else at the other side of the earth Bruce provided the information about the product as well as the potential lack of manufacturers' support of the product. My questions and emails are responded on a very timely manner. The shipment was also properly handled. I'm very satisfied. Details

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