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All Rétroaction pour Bluestone Diagnostics, Inc.

More weight for healthcare provider ratings

Our users asked us to change the DOTmed 5-Star Rating System and give more weight to ratings from healthcare providers because, as end-users, they are in the best position to evaluate a dealer's products and services. Therefore, if you work for a healthcare facility, your ratings now have twice the value of dealer-to-dealer ratings. Please rate every company you do business with.

General Rating for Matthew Blaustein, by a Broker
December 15, 2011


General Rating for Matthew Blaustein, by Matt Horne, Imaging Technologies Co. Ltd.
September 08, 2011

Quite a favorable experience each time I deal with Mr. Blaustein.


General Rating for Matthew Blaustein, by Mark Ardoin, Omni Imaging Service
September 08, 2011

Matthew Blaustein is a pleasure to deal with and represents himself with integrity and professionalism.


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